It has been long since my last post. I tried to post deep learning papers but I was so busy. I worked at Naver as an intern and wrote my master thesis for my graduation at the same time. Then, I refreshed for few months away from deep learning papers. Now I feel like I need to get back to business again.

I renovated my blog. This blog template is forked from you for amazing template!). The renovation was not just for refresh. I wanted to post more about my thoughts and I adopted new template for better separation between categories. In my past blog template, separating posts in different categories were inconvenient so that it is really hard to find my private post from the overwhelming number of paper summary posts.

Also, I decided to post only on English from now on, even though writing in Korean is much easier for me. I want to share my thougts and knowledge with as many as I can. Since my English is pretty far from perfect, so feedback on my English is always welcome.

The final change on my blog is that the posts would be more readable for readers. Honestly, I posted deep learning papers for myself to remember later and didn’t care about readers. However, I realized my poor blog posting can waste people’s valuable time and incur frustration. I decided to post less, but I’ll try harder to write kind and readable posts.

My blog is turning into some kind of homepage. I feel more comfortable with good old homepage style rather than SNS since homepage is more private. I’ll use my blog not only to review and share what I learned, but also to arrange my thoughts and to practice my English writing.

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