Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Variational Inference: Bridging the Gap


Two approximation methods, Variational inference and MCMC, have different advantages: usually, variational inference is fast while MCMC is more accurate.


Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) is approximation method of estimating a variable. MCMC first sample a random draw z_0 and than draw a chain of variables from a stochastic transition operator q.

z_t \sim q(z_t|z_{t-1},x)
It is proved that z_T will ultimately converge to true posterior p(zx) with sufficiently enough samplings.


Variational lowerbound contains posterior of latent variable q(z|x). This paper suggests to estimate q(z|x) more accurately with MCMC with auxiliary random variables and apply variational inference to ELBO with auxiliary variables. \

y = z_0, z_1, ..., z_{t-1}\\
L_{aux} = \mathbb{E}_{q(y,z_T|x)}[\log[p(x,z_T)r(y|x,z_T)] - \log q(y, z_T|x)]\\
\mathcal{L} - \mathbb{E}_{q(z_T|x)}\{D_{KL}[q(y|z_T,x)\|r(y|z_T,x)]\}\leq \mathcal{L} \leq \log[p(x)]\\

If we assume that auxiliary inference distribution also has a Markov structure,

r(z_0, ... z_{t-1}|x, z_T) = \prod^T_{t=1}r_t(z_{t-1}|x, z_t)\\
\log p(x) \leq \mathbb{E}_z[\log p(x, z_T) - \log q(z_0, ..., z_T|x) + \log r(z_0, ... z_{t-1}|x, z_T)]\\
 = \mathbb{E}_q[log[p(x, z_T)/q(z_0|x)] + \sum_{t=1}^T\log[r_t(z_{t-1}|x, z_t)/q_t(z_t|x,z_{t-1})]]

Since auxiliary variational lowerbound cannot be calculated analytically, we estimate MCMC lowerbound by sampling from transitions(q_t) and inverse model(r_t).


The gradient of resulted MCMC lowerbound can be calculated via remarameterization trick.


One of the efficient methods of MCMC is Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC). Hamiltonian MC introduce auxiliary variables v with the same dimension as z.

H(v, z) = 0.5 v^T M^{-1}v - \log p(x,z)\\
v_t' \sim q(v_t'|x, z_{t-1})\\



Convolutional VAE with Hamiltonian Variational Inference (HVI) with 16 leapfrog step and 800 hidden nodes achieve slightly worse result than that of DRAW.


Many MCMC algorithms variates can be used to improve the result.

Salimans, Tim, Diederik Kingma, and Max Welling. “Markov chain monte carlo and variational inference: Bridging the gap.” International Conference on Machine Learning. 2015.

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