Few useful notes from Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career. Highly recommandable course for people who want to start Linux!


  • A Linux distribution is comprised of the Linux kernel and additional software.

Linux Directory Structure

  • / “Root,” the top of the file system hierarchy.
  • /bin Binaries and other executable programs.
  • /etc System configuration files.
  • /home Home directories.
  • /opt Optional or third party software.
  • /tmp Temporary space, typically cleared on reboot.
  • /usr User related programs.
  • /var Variable data, most notably log files.

Basic Linux Commands

  • ls- Lists directory contents.
  • cd - Changes the current directory.
  • pwd - Displays the present working directory.
  • cat - Concatenates and displays files.
  • echo - Displays arguments to the screen.
  • man - Displays the online manual.
  • exit - Exits the shell or your current session.
  • clear - Clears the screen.

ls options

  • -a List all files, including hidden files.
  • –color List files with colorized output.
  • -d List directory names, not contents.
  • -l Use the long listing format.
  • -r Reverse the order.
  • -R List files recursively.
  • -t Sort by time, most recent first.
  • tree

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